Michael Jackson: the truth about his white skin

Most people ever thought that wanted to bright up his because of his dream to become White, and to do this he has been supposed following a particular kind of medical treatments.
Mass media used this wrong information pretending it to be the very truth.

Well, it wasn’t. Michael Jackson didn’t want to change his skin color.  He was obliged. It’s called ; it’s a skin , which afflicts more or less 2% of the whole people in the world, with different kind of seriousness depending by the subject. Michael Jackson was one of this people.
Vitiligo works in a very simple and fast way:  the subject’s immune system attacks and kills those particular kind of cells called melanocytes, deteriorating them. In this way the production of melanin changes, changing also the pigmentation of the skin. The result it’s a skin completely covered by milk-white spots. This disease is progressive and during the time it covers the most part of the body. Michael Jackson tried to make up the spots but at the end has been obliged to make up his real skin, the black one.

They that are afflicted by Vitiligo have no natural defenses from UVA and UVB ray and they absolutely must protect their skin from the sunlight to avoid sunburns or worst diseases. In fact, Michael Jackson often dressed hats, gloves, umbrellas and masks. Also in this case mass media has completely turned the needing of the King of the Pop to protect himself, into the stereotyped kind of “Star”: troubled, peculiar, paranoiac and hypochondriac.

Spots on Michael Jackson’s skin appeared since 1980s and it finally diagnosed in 1983. He was shy about that as far as he thought it could be a pain that God Himself sent to him.
But Michael also was tired to hear lies concerning his skin, and decided to tell the world the very truth by the famous, painful interview with Oprah Winfrey.
The very next day the press published this interview, but soon the image, people had of the strange and mysterious person Michael Jackson was, (an image set up by the media) turned back pretending to be the truth.

Michael Jackson was really afflicted by Vitiligo; we can see it on the official result of his autopsy.
The day has come to leave this man to rest in peace. Remembering that, since the beginning of his career, until the day of his death; this man was object of the lies of mass media. It’s dutiful remember and talk about him in a rightful, truthful way

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